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Monthly Letter set that look back on the days and summarize them in one volume

The calendar letter is an original regular mail set of Jiyucho that delivers the time to look back on the days of the month every month.
If you send the written letters to Jiyu-cho in the attached envelope every month,
I will deliver it in one volume to my future self one year later.

Feel free to look back on your days,
Enjoy the subtleties of the heart and spend time with your honest feelings in your life.

And the days I acknowledged in the letter,
Eventually, it will overlap in one book and reach you in the future one year later.

Like that,
How about a moment to enjoy your honest feelings and days?


■Product overview <br>A letter set that allows you to look back on your days and send it to your future self, and a set that allows you to listen to and comment on a live broadcast radio that will give you an opportunity to look back on the month.

If you send the monthly calendar letter to Jiyu-cho in the attached envelope, After 12 months from the start of regular purchase, we will deliver it in one volume.

■ What is included in this product
・Monthly change "Hibi, Calendar Letter" 1 sheet
It is a calendar type letter with a simple design that makes it easy to write even the trivial events of the day.
You can write your plans and events from the beginning of the month. You can write while looking back at the month at the end of the month. It is recommended that you write as much as possible.

・Monthly change 1 "Reflection Card" <br>A card with a question written on it that can be used as an opportunity to reflect on the events and feelings of the month. A different question will be delivered each month.

・One-page envelope One envelope with "The month of" written on it. Pack the completed 1.2 cards, photos, tickets, etc. with the time of the month and seal it.
Feel free to write a title that represents the month in the part following "The month of". After a year, the monthly one-page envelope will become one page (one page) and will be collected into one volume.

・Invitation ticket for monthly retrospective “Tsukuyomi Club”
This is a ticket that allows you to watch the live broadcast of the podcast " Jiyucho FM " delivered by the manager of Jiyucho and participate in the comments section.

・Reply envelope to Jiyucho <br>If you put a sealed one-page envelope, attach the attached stamp, and send it to Jiyucho, it will be returned in one volume one year after the regular purchase start month. .

・Letter & instructions from the store manager

    ■ Product delivery cycle
    If you apply from the 1st to the 20th, we will deliver the set for the current month within 7 days of your order, and the next month's set will be delivered at the end of the month.
    If you apply from the 21st to the end of the current month, we will deliver the next month's portion within 7 days of your order.
    In addition, from the month after you apply, we will deliver the next month's set at the end of each month.

    Example 1) Application and payment completed on May 10 → Set for May will be shipped by May 17 & set for June will be shipped at the end of May Example 2) Application and payment completed on May 23 → Until May 30 Set shipment for June to

    Monthly review radio @ Jiyucho FM holding cycle

    • Every last Thursday of the month from 21:00 to 1:00 (planned)
    • Audition & leave freely
    • Free to comment (Participation only for audition is of course OK)
    • Personality: Jiyucho Manager, Yamamoto
    • reference

    ■ Precautions

    • This product is a regular flight. If you purchase once, you can continue to pay automatically every month.
    • We plan, consider, and produce the contents and design of the letter delivered every month, and the design of the booklet when the letters are compiled into one volume after 12 months. Therefore, it is not completely different, but there is a possibility that the design and content may differ from the photo. Please note.
    • If you wish to cancel purchases for the following month or later, please do so by the 15th of each month.

    ■What is “Hibi, /Calendar Letter”? A “sendable calendar” proposed by the group “innov.” Normally, we sell a 12-month set at a specific time every year, based on the image of being able to send your recent situation more realistically and casually to your family and loved ones who are far away. Jiyucho separates this letter set every month and remakes and uses it to Jiyucho specifications.


    ■ Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I cancel my subscription before the year is up?

    Yes, I can. We would appreciate it if you could inform us of the cancellation of the regular subscription from here .
    Letters that have been returned to Jiyu-Ding by then will be delivered together one year after the purchase start month.

    By when should I send it back?

    As a guideline, please send it by the end of the following month. …Example 1
    Only for the 12th month, please submit by the 15th of the following month due to booklet production issues. … example 2

    Example 1: Calendar letter for May → Returned by the end of June Example 2: *When purchasing starts in May 2022
    Calendar for April 2023 → Return by May 15