Collection: Original Free-use Notebook [Hope Edition]

Exhibition running from 23 August to 2 October 2022,
This is a notebook that was produced in limited quantities as part of a joint project with the exhibition "Encountering Words series - Stories of Hope to Grasp in the Future."
For the inside cover of the notebook, you can choose one of your favorites from the "Fragments of Hope" (words related to hope).
*The text of the top image of each item (with a passage of poetry written on a white background) of the Jiyucho [Hope Edition] lined up at the bottom of the page will be the inside cover of the notebook.

At the bottom right of the page inside, 62 essays other than those on display are recorded, and at the end of the book, 6 essays on the theme of the exhibition are recorded.
Please read, write and enjoy!


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