Hello future 3 book set
Hello future 3 book set
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Hello future 3 book set

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◼️Summary Yumiko Sakuma, a journalist living in New York, and Megumi Wakabayashi, former editor-in-chief of the Japanese version of "WIRED" and author of "Sayonara Mirai".

The podcast "Hello Mirai", in which the two sworn friends talk freely about music, art, politics, business, media, lifestyle, etc., has been published as a book.

Episodes vol.1 to vol.22 of popular content are published simultaneously in 3 volumes as "Gender Edition", "Media Edition", and "America Edition".

◼️ “Hello Mirai” with Jiyucho owner Koyama
Mr. Koyama, the owner who was influenced by Mr. Sakuma's book when he was a student, got his signature on the computer when we met at an event (still using the computer to this day).

It seems that Mr. Koyama, the owner of WIRED, was a big fan of Wakabayashi's editor-in-chief, and I still see him rereading it from time to time.

Was it really last year?
It seems that he has met and talked with Mr. Wakabayashi several times.

I met and talked with the people who created the books and magazines I used to read when I was a student, and before I knew it, I was on the side of selling their books.

What's more, the title is too perfect for Jiyucho, a shop where you can send letters to the future...!

I would be happy if you could enjoy it, including the relationship with Jiyucho.

◼️ Hello Mirai 3 book set "I'm not the only one who feels that / Hello Mirai Gender Edition"
"I don't know where the exit is, but / Hello future America edition"
"Everyone should say what they like more/Hello Mirai Media Edition"

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