How to Write a Letter to Future Self

This letter is a letter that will reach you one year from the time you write.
Please feel free to write whatever you like.

Usage flow

1. Write a letter to yourself in a year from now

Feel free to write your honest feelings and hopes for the future on the postcards enclosed in the letter set.

On one side, some questions are written that you can use as an opportunity to look back on yourself now. Please answer me before writing the letter.

Feel free to write a letter to your future self on this side.

2. Fill in the address on the envelope

Write the following items on the envelope and seal it.

<Contents to fill in the envelope>
Address…Address you want to deliver in 1 year
Name…The address you want to deliver in 1 year
Writing Date…Date when you wrote the letter *Basically, it will be delivered one year after this date, but it may be around a few days depending on the weather. Please note.

In addition to the postcards included in the set, you can also enclose photos, shop cards, etc. as long as they fit in the envelope.
Please pack the memories you want to deliver to your future self.

3. Register contact information in case of future non-achievement

When you have finished writing the letter, please register your contact information from the URL below.

▼ Click here to register your contact information

Please be sure to register as it is an important item that will be used in the event that the letter cannot be delivered after one year due to an address change or other trouble.

Please bring the completed letter after registration to the front desk of the hotel.


That's all for how to use it.
Then, please enjoy the time you spend slowly and honestly.

■ Write a letter at Jiyucho Main Store
Future letter culture brand Jiyucho has a store in Kuramae, Taito-ku.
You can also bring your NOHGA HOTEL LETTER and write a letter slowly at the shop.
(Jiyucho is about 10 minutes by bicycle from NOHGA HOTEL AKIHABARA/UENO!)

If you have a NOHGA HOTEL LETTER, you can get a drink and an essay as a present , and you can seal the letter with a sealing stamp !

I want to enjoy a moment away from my daily life, where I can relax and be honest with myself! It is highly recommended for those who say

(You can choose the wax of your favorite color for the sealing stamp)

How about acknowledging the memories of your outing in the laid-back atmosphere of Kuramae?

▼Click here to make a reservation

*Jiyucho requires reservations on weekdays, and may be fully booked on Saturdays and Sundays, so we recommend making a reservation as much as possible!